Adidas – Unlock the Game

BBH Sport’s first big work for Adidas. A real-time digital campaign that meant we had to watch a lot of footy and write/create a lot of ads in less than 35 seconds; before, during and after all the big games. Well done George, Jack, Vinny and Patrick.

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Very proud to be part of the BBHSport team. Along with Ben Fennell, Kevin Brown and the former England captain Lawrence Dallaglio.

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Cannes 2013

Proud to say, 7 of our ads won Lions at Cannes this year. For Milky Way, Skittles and Wall’s Ice Cream. A great effort by everyone here at DDB Chicago. One of the winners was our latest work for Skittles – which picked up a Lion in the Film category. There was a youtube interactive version where you can continue the ad yourself and smash all of grandma’s figurines. Written by Alex Zamiar and Jonathan Richmond with Mark Gross creative directing and Matt Green, Jon Ellis & Will St Clair producing.

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Skittles – Bleachers

Our most recent work for the fantastic Skittles brand was a series of commercials called Skittles ‘Afflictions’. I’m very proud to say all 3 just got into the 2013 D&AD annual. Here’s ‘Bleachers’.

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State Farm Insurance –

On television a huge monster caused chaos on Duane’s life. On-line people could participate in the idea and cause chaos in their own town, home, life….wherever. Simply by entering a name and an address into the micro site. Part of the really successful ‘Get to a Better State’ campaign we created for State Farm insurance. And a Silver Cannes Lion winner in the digital category.

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AdCouncil/GED – The Pep Talk Center.

Persuading people to go back to college when they are working full time isn’t a job a standard advert can achieve. So we created a Pep Talk Center – where you could get a whole range of pep talks, from ‘very mild’ to enthusiastically ‘encouraging’ to downright ’severe’ thanks to a series of celebrity pep-talkers. The Pep Talk center got thousands of people back to college and won a Cannes Lion along the way.

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Temptations Cat Treats – ‘Boots’

For our first work for the Temptations cat treats brand we created ‘Once you shake ‘em you can’t shake ‘em’ idea. It captured perfectly the truth of the product: one shake of the bag and your cats come running and love you more than ever.

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Sunday Times – Rich List

The Sunday Times Rich List is a institution. Every year we wait for it to come out and see who’s up and who’s down and how many times more wealthy so-and-so is than so-and-so. Matt and Wayne created this brilliant campaign that compares people’s wealth. Each ad with its own play on the idea, like this one: all the Rolling Stones equaling one Beetle, Sir Paul McCartney. As always they got to a great insight then executed it brilliantly. Another D and AD pencil for CHI+Partners I’m proud to say.

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Britvic/Drench ‘Cubehead’

One of the last ads I made while I was the ECD at CHI+Partners. And the last in the ‘Brains perform best when hydrated’ campaign for drench mineral water. Written by Ed and Dave. And directed brilliantly by Ulf. Thanks. A D and AD nomination for Special Effects. I love how it turned out. And love the fact that it’s really a story of a bloke trying to get over a hangover on the way to work. We can all relate to that.

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VW – King Kong

The SMALL BUT TOUGH poster Nick and Simon created for the VW Polo while Jeremy and I were joint ECDs at DDB London. Mark Reddy worked wonders as Head of Art by helping to get the visual made for nearly no money. All worth it as the ad was a great addition to the Polo campaign and won Cannes Gold, D and AD Silver Pencil and Campaign Poster ad of the Year.

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TalkTalk –

Thiago de Moraes, Ewan Carpenter and myself created The Forever Story at CHI+Partners. TalkTalk, the internet and mobile provider, asked us to raise awareness for their charity Treehouse, the charity that helps Autistic children. We wanted to do it in a way that got people to use Talk Talk’s services and products, broadband and digital technology, but also in a way that taught people about the difficulties of Autism. Particularly the difficulty of joining-in. So we got people to join-in in the writing of a story. And the more people who joined-in the more money Talk Talk donated to the charity and its work.

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VW Diesel ‘Bollocks’

Dan and Amber wrote this while I was joint ECD at DDB London with Jeremy Craigen. As you’d expect it was originally written as ‘fuck it’. ‘Bollocks’ works well – but it would have won more awards, internationally, with ‘fuck it’.

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Vodafone ‘Mayfly’

Nick Gill and I spent many months creating the Vodafone ‘Make the most of Now’ campaign – along with the rest of the team at BBH; Nigel Bogle, John O’Keeffe, Jim Carroll and Davud Karbassioun to mention but a few. It was a great brief and Nick and I wrote ‘Make the most of Now’ in minutes. It took us a while longer to crack the idea for the launch commercial….imagine what a rich and full life you’d lead if you approached every days if it was the only day you were going to live. Peter Thwaites and Darren Walsh did an excellent job bring the idea to life.
To create a global campaign where your work ran every where was fanatstic. This, the launch commercial, winning a D&AD pencil was nice too.

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The Times Newspaper – The Saturday

The relaunch the Saturday edition of The Times. Capturing classic Saturday moments and simply framing them with the words THE SATURDAY. Very assumptive. Very brand leader. Very true to The Times. Simple and bold. A D&AD Pencil Nomination 2010. My partners who helped make them great were Micky Tudor, Ben Etheridge, Ben Southgate, Danny Josephs, Venture 3 and the great clients at The Times newspaper – who ran posters with only their crest for branding. (Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten to credit.)

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VW – Golf Plus

The Golf Plus was like a normal Golf only a little bit bigger. Making anything inside look a little bit smaller. This was the third script Sam and Shish wrote, they sent it back from a shoot they were on in Spain. It has always been my favourite of the campaign. Stacy Wall directed it perfectly – the dialogue plays out fantastically. I sat on the D&AD jury and had to leave the room as the jury awarded it a D&AD Silver nomination.

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London Transport – Making London Simple

They say pitch work never runs. Well this pitch work did. Nick Gill, Andy McLeod, Rich Flintham and myself created the Making London Simple campaign for London Transport. And no ad, of all that we presented in the pitched, depicted the campaign idea more clearly than this one – London simplified down to one house and one place you’d like to visit, Eros. It turned out to be a multi award winning campaign with this one winning a D&AD Pencil and Cannes Silver.

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Big Yellow Storage ‘Tide’

I think this is one of the best piece of work we created while I was the Executive Creative Director of CHI+Partners. The strategic idea was to position Big Yellow storage as the supplier of space – that allowed you to be more flexible and so keep the things that were important to you as your life changed. The magic was the execution of that strategic idea and that came from the brilliance of the writer, Charles Inge and the director, Dougal Wilson.

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Pirelli – Power Is Nothing Without Control

This was the poster Graeme Norways and I (with the help of many other people of course) created for the launch of the Powers Nothing Without Control campaign for Pirelli tyres.
It ran globally. Got on to the front page of many of the world’s newspapers. And as well as winning many awards was included in Campaign’s book ‘The 100 Best Posters of the Century’.
The poster was followed by a global commercial also featuring Carl Lewis. See post below.

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Pirelli – Carl In New York

This was the first commercial I wrote that got noticed. It featured the great Carl Lewis and depicted what ultimate power with control could give you. Greame Norways was a brilliant art director. Gerard de Thame transformed the script into something people really loved. And The Aphex Twin’s music was unlike anything used on a commercial up to that point. It helped launch Pirelli’s brand positioning of Power is Nothing Without Control. (BTAA Commercial of the Year, 3 D&AD Nominations and a Cannes Lion.) John Webster was a fan of the ad and that helped me get a job at the agency I always wanted to work at: BMP (now DDB London).

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Britvic/Drench – Brains

The drench ad featuring ‘Brains’, the clever one, from Thunderbirds. It was Ringan’s idea to set Brain’s dance to Rhythum is a Dancer….and that was the clever bit. The ad made drench water famous. Retailers asked to stock it. (And we won two Golds at BTAA, including Best 60-90 second commercial.)

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VW – Flip Book

This is the first Volkswagen ad I ever did. It was for the fuel efficient Golf TDi. And it was a little flip book stuck onto the magazine page. When you flipped the pages the fuel gauge stayed on full. (The people who made flip books had never been asked to make a flip book where the picture didn’t move – and kepting checking they hadn’t miss-heard us.) My partner was the very talented Jason Gormley. It got a great reaction from the public as well as the industry…D & AD, Campaign Silver, Silver Cannes Lion.

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VW – Cops

This ad was created while I was joint Executive Creative Director of DDB London. The clever people were Dylan Harrison, Feargal Ballance, Simon Veskner and Nick Allsop. It won every award going, including the 2004 Cannes Print Grand Prix.

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VW ‘30 Years in the Making’

The launch campaign for the Mark 5 Golf. Rather than normal ‘new and improved’ message we said ‘it’s the sum of all the Golfs VW have ever made, since the very first back in the early 70s’. Written by Patrick and Grant and directed with incredible attention to detail by Chris Palmer.

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The Labour Party/Democrats – ‘Pledge Card’

While at DDB London I did a lot of work for the Labour Party. From writing Party Political Broadcasts to classic political advertising to creating something very different: a credit-card sized ‘Pledge Card’ that invited voters to keep the card in their wallet and check, 4 years down the line, that the Labour Party had kept their election promises. The Pledge Card was a huge success in gaining, and keeping, last minute swing-voters – because in a real way it challenged the biggest doubt voters have in an election….that the polices will actually become a reality. Some years later Bill Clinton’s election team used the idea for his second election, which was flattering indeed.

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